Visitors From France

Today we have the two delightful people from France staying tonight. Jessica and Victor are in NZ for an extended travel holiday, and  will be going to the South Island soon.

Photos to follow
Quotation of the day, out of context, from Horace,  65 – 8 BC
“Wherever the wind takes me I travel as a visitor”

 Cheers from Jean

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Little Houses from Days Gone By.

This little home is inland from Waverly, sitting back from the road, the front fence covered in tall grass. I am sure there would be some wonderful story withing those walls.  Who lived there ? Where did the Dad work? Where did the children go to school? Maybe the Mum taught them at home, inbetween household chores and outside work.

This is a little hut on a huge farm where Hugh goes hunting. How did a tree get such a good place to grow???

This little shed was by the main road between Sanson and Palmerston North. The birds flew out just as Hugh took the photo. The next week, the shed was gone, a part of someone’s history   preserved forever  in one photo.

Tomorrow we go somewhere along the Desert Road, to take some more photos.

Quotation of the day, from William Wordsworth,

“Dear God! the very houses seem asleep;

And all that mighty heart is lying still”

Cheers from Jean

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Where has the Summer Gone

clouds at 8.47 p.m.

Night sky the other day, clouds passing over so fast,

they were soon gone and all was dark.

Ruahine ranges snow Aug 2011

Here is the track to the A Frame in the Ruahine Ranges in

August 2011, after this they had to turn back.

Too much snow, even the Horizon’s vehicle

was stuck.

Here is the A Frame in February, when the road was

dry, rough and definitely a 4WD one.

a Frame Feb 2008

Now I am at WordPress, hoping to leave Blogger’s problems behind

these posts will be short until I get the new system

all running smoothly.

Quotation of the day, from a friend

“ The path to a friend’s home is never long”

Cheers from Jean

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Another name for my blog

Here I am, still with a compass to steer my path, and I hope that wordpress will be a whole lot better than Blogger has been lately.

These were in the Centennial Lagoon at Palmerston North. The two cygnets are still very pale grey, and the feathers fluffy.

Mother called and they followed.

No more for today, hope this goes OK.

Remember, Birds of a feather flock together.

Cheers from Jean.

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